Full Casting Service

  • Casting everyday Monday - Friday
  • 24 hr turn around for most orders
  • All our precious metals (gold castings) are mixed from ethically sourced. Canadian pure gold - we never use scrap metals.
  • Over 50,000 designs to select from our catalogues and showroom samples.

Casting Metals

  • 10KT, 14KT, 18KT, 19KT "SUPER WHITE" which doesn't need rhodium
  • Custom karating also available like 8KT, 9KT, 12KT, 21KT, 22KT as well as 24KT pure gold
  • Silver - premium 925 sterling which is more tarnish resistant
  • Platinum/Ruthenium (950)
  • Palladium + Kt Gold/Palladium mixes
  • Alloys
    Yellow (bronze)

Colours Of Gold

  • Casting in all colours of gold from yellow (standard) to ultra yellow
  • From white to green, pink to red
  • Custom colours also available

Same Day Quick Burn

  • Available at an extra fee
  • Bring in your wax by 10:00A.M or choose from our molds and have your casting ready by 3:00P.M the same day

Casting With Customer Gold

  • Casting from customers scrap precious metal or from 24KT to be alloyed to any karat or colour of gold.
  • Flask and labour charge. Call for more information

Diamond Cast

  • Casting with diamonds and certain precious stones that take extreme heat
  • Available for extra fee
  • Please call for more information

Materials We Cast From

  • Injection wax
  • Cad wax, Cad resin
  • Carved wax, milled wax
  • Plastic injection from metal molds
  • Certain plastics
  • Some organic materials, eg. twigs, acorns